October 20, 2020
history of locks

The Evolution And History of Locks & Keys Through the Ages

We have a guest post today from our friends down under that’s very interesting regarding the evolution of locks and keys. I know you’ll enjoy it Securing our property has been a major issue for centuries and some of the earliest lock incarnations didn’t do a bad job at protecting people. This info-graphic from halfprice.com.au looks at some of the major developments we’ve seen in security over thousands of years. As early as 600 BC, the ancient Assyrian lock used a pretty sophisticated system which relied on sliding tumblers into place. Many modern mechanisms are still based on this fundamental principle.
From there, the Romans looked to modernize locks by replacing any wooden parts with corresponding parts made of metal. Keys were in fact as much a status symbol as a security device in Ancient Rome and locking valuables up was uncommon.
Looking a little further ahead, the Bramah lock is often considered the first commercially produced product to provide solid security against manipulation. The company even had a reward for anyone who could successfully defeat the lock. A man called A.C Hobbs eventually accomplished this feat after 50 hours but it still proved to be excellent security against your average criminal.
In more recent times, with the advent of keycards and keypads; security continues to improve. We may soon live in a world where the metal keys you have in your pocket are a lot more uncommon.

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