September 28, 2020
Ring home security review

Ring Home Security Systems Review

An Expert Review

It started with a car break-in; they popped the locks (better than breaking the window) to steal the change within the ashtray. Then it got worse when my neighbors had their window smashed to take a bag of garments. And worse still when my very own window got broken, and my new dash camera got swiped. Along with side stupid stuff like $5 sunglasses. And gum. After neighbors a few streets over had their car broken into and torched, we decided it’s official. There’s a criminal offense wave in our formerly safe neighborhood. Time to extend security.

Piecing Ring Alarm Together

DIY installation is that the name of the sport among security companies lately, so once we finally got our hands on the Ring Alarm five-piece security kit with all the components in one box, we went straight to figure. Very similar to its predecessor, Ring Alarm was quick and straightforward to line up and took but half an hour. While we already had the Ring — Always Home mobile app installed, we recommend that this be the primary step before installing anything.

When we took out the bottom station, it looked more or less an equivalent because of the first-gen. We plugged it into an influence outlet and connected it to our Wi-Fi. That took a couple of tries, much to our chagrin, but it didn’t waste an excessive amount of our time. Once that was complete, we connected each component on the mobile app and very easy to use it. While we were at it, we decided to rename a number of them; for instance, we named the contact sensor “Front Window.”

Overall, we had a pleasing experience fixing our Ring Alarm security system and appreciated that the straightforward installation process remained an equivalent. Plus, if we experienced any issues, we could access a variety of helpful guides on Ring’s website.



Low-cost professional monitoring

We might sound sort of a broken record here, but Ring offers several rock bottoms rates around for 24/7 professional monitoring at just $10 per month or $100 a year. We also liked that we had the choice to self-monitor, whereas some companies require pricier professional monitoring.

Smart home integrations:

It’s no surprise that, as an Amazon-owned company, Ring is compatible with Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant. We acknowledged that Ring also works with Google Assistant and a slew of third-party brands.

Robust Ring ecosystem

We were ready to mix and match other Ring devices like our Ring Stick Up Cam Wired and Ring Video Doorbell 2 to fortify our Ring Alarm security system. That ended up saving us tons of cash.

DIY installation

Like many security brands that we’ve reviewed, Ring provided an easy setup that didn’t require a toolbox. It had been as quick and straightforward as peeling and sticking for several of the components.


Privacy concerns

With smart security systems can come hackers. The ring is no stranger to security breaches1 but has incorporated two-step authentication into the Ring—alarm app to scale back the number of hacked devices.

Connectivity issues

We had trouble connecting it to our Wi-Fi during our initial setup of Ring Alarm’s base station. But after a couple of tries, the connection went through, and, thankfully, we didn’t reencounter this issue.


Overall Review of Ring Alarm

I’m a big fan of Ring security devices. I’ve reviewed almost their entire lineup, and that I love it because it’s easy to line up, easy to use, the interface is spot-on, and any of their devices accompany absolutely everything you would like for set up—including the tools!

If I even have any complaints about the system, it’s that the audible alarms, once they explode, aren’t super loud. Yes, they’ll be noticeable and hopefully drive anyone away inside the house, but in terms of your neighbors having the ability to listen to them, not an opportunity.

In short, if you’re trying to find a cheap thanks to keeping tabs on your home, cottage, garage, and more, you won’t be sorry about choosing Ring Alarm.

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