September 28, 2020
best security devices that work with alexa

Best Security Systems That Work With Alexa 2020 Review

Best Security Systems That Work with Alexa

Alexa uses home security during several various ways. For instance, you’ll use Alexa to arm and disarm your security system. Otherwise, you can Livestream footage or review video storage on an Echo Show device. There are a variety of Alexa skills for security, like a watchdog, which imitates a dog barking to keep off potential intruders.

Alexa is now an integral part of many intelligent home security systems. Its supporting database store within the cloud, and Alexa connects to a variety of devices through the web. Home security systems that integrate with Alexa allow users to regulate a home’s lights, surveillance cameras, motion detectors, clocks, and alarms. As technology advances, Alexa acquires new skills through Amazon and third-party developers who want their products to figure with the favored virtual assistant. Here are several home securities companies that provide Alexa-enabled security systems.

·        ADT Security

·        Scout

·        Protect America

ADT Security

ADT Security is that the most significant home security company within the U.S., with quite 7 million customers, 912 interconnected monitoring centers, about 3,200 local offices, and a vast network of authorized dealers. It offers a good range of kit and services and requires a 24-, 36-, or 60-month contract. Note that the standard of the installation and customer service can vary supported the local ADT provider. Also, the correct price of your system, including professional monitoring under the specified contract, will only be provided after a technician visits your house.


  • The company features a long history and many customers
  • ADT has the most critical national network of monitoring centers
  • ADT offers a six-month money-back guarantee


  • Pricing isn’t transparent until a technician visits your home
  • Only available with a three-year contract with high penalties for early termination


As a young newcomer to home security, Scout is agile enough to take advantage of trends and quickly innovate to capture market share. The corporate has had success in integrating its home security system with Alexa. Users can pair their security systems with Alexa through the proprietary Scout home security app. Homeowners can ask Alexa if they left the rear door open or tell Alexa to send help during housebreaking.


  • No long-term contract
  • Customizable notifications and sequences of actions


  • The company doesn’t sell an exterior camera
  • Some motion detectors aren’t pet-friendly
  • The range between the hub and sensors is about 125 feet, which isn’t ideal for giant homes

Protect America

Protect America may be a full-featured DIY smart home security system. Completely wireless, it is a self-installed system from a corporation with a 25-year diary. Protect America offers a low-cost solution with stress on customer service.


  • Option to pay more upfront to lower monthly costs
  • A price match promise means if you discover a lower cost for an equivalent number of devices Protect America will match it


  • Requires a three-year contract
  • Fire and environmental monitoring are a further charge

How to Buy a Home Security System

There are several steps to follow when buying a home security system. They include:

Decide how much protection you need

That depends mainly on crime in your area, the parts of your home you would like to watch or protect, and whether you would like protection while you’re home or simply while you’re away.

Determine your budget

Alarm systems aren’t as expensive as they want to be, but the prices can add up counting on what percentage sensors and other gadgets you put in and what sort of monitoring plan you select. Get the protection you would like, but don’t go overboard.

Choose DIY or professional installation.

Are you good at electronic gadgets? Does one have an hour or more to put in sensors, cameras, and other equipment? Are you comfortable designing your system without an expert on-site to help you? If so, DIY installation can prevent money over a professionally installed system.

Schedule an in-home consultation

If you would like to possess your system professionally installed, consider scheduling a representative from the safety company to go to your home for a consultation and organize a proposal.

Final Verdict

Best Home Security Systems with Alexa Tips

I’ve reviewed dozens of security systems in this new era, some with Amazon Alexa, some without. Here are my tips for choosing and employing a home security system with Alexa:

Customer support reviews: Customer support is critical just in case you’ve got an emergency or a glitch with your security system, so make sure to read reviews from real customers regarding their support before buying.

Follow instructions: That may seem obvious, but while you’re fixing your DIY security system, confirm to follow the instructions within the same order they give. Trust me; I’ve wasted tons of your time trying to work it out on my own!

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